My Stupid HariStyle!!


This post is devoted to my hair!
Well he has dried up of this plucked hair style!
Apart that hardly raising I seem an exorcized person!
I wanted to have the hair as in Gundam Seed:
Gundam Seed Destiny

At the end should change only color and to comb better them!
Let's hope that can do them!

My HairStyle Now:
Misaki Hair Misaki Hair

Besides I have a good news!
The site has finally opened!
Soon all the sections will be available!

Monday would have again the XBOX360 after months and months!
Finally! I want to play to Oblivion! Left 4 Dead! Naruto! Fallout 3! F.E.A.R. 2!
And also with all the other games as Virtual Fighter 5 and Soul Calibour 4!

Now a problem remains only!
Carnival! I want to make me a cosplay but I don't have money!
We hope to succeed in finding them...

The last news of the day is that am finally recovering!
Slashed him some face almost is not seen anymore!
Misaki Eyes

As can see there not aloft in the photo and more nothing!
This way nothing visit from the doctor!

Now I have to go! Talk to you soon!



Today!! (Stupid title :S)

Today I am happy!
This calls post him "Today" because I don't have a lot of imagination to the 04.17 am!

The forum of is all right!!!
Let's be already quite a lot consumers and write!

I didn't hope for there anymore!
Now am hocking me in to end in hurry the site!

Have also decided for opening a Fan Club on Usagisan!

<< Usagisan you are happy? >>
<< ..indeed stupid... >>

Let's not get along today!
(She admits him I talk to Usagisan ù.ù)

I have made two new photos with my hair-style in "Decora Style":

Decora hair-style Decora hari-style

Ok.. ok.. I am not nice at all!
But doesn't care! The hairpins him that they are nice!

Have added under also another friend Katho to the list other artist!
Soon I will also make a topic for her! Eternal-Dream

Now I have to go!
I start me drawing the sites!


JunJou Romantica new layout


Today the vacations of Christmas are initiated!
To school have recovered the assignments of mathematics and italian!

To house we have made the tree all and four after so many years that
I did alone it with Mimichan (my mother).
Tomorrow with the light I photograph it!!

Today have created a new layout for the forum of JJR! click here

Have also inserted the post of wish Christmas!

Now I already have to stop writing because I have to continue the sketches for the site!

(correct ah has finally activated me deviantart!)

I leave you with another mythical photo of my daily Kiba Cosplay!

Misaki Kiba's Cosplay


New Templates!!

I have brought some changes to the template!

[original] OLD Header:
[original] OLD BackGround:

The new version have entirely drawn her me with the mause on photoshop!
It is based on a anime Bl Yaoi: JunJou Romantica
In this case she is inspired to the couple JunJou Egoist (HirokixNowaki).

Create CG-Sketch of Hiroki:

JJR: JunJou Egoist Hiroki Sketch

The base of the html and the CSS they have remained those of the old template, therefore for that the copyright remains to the creators of FC2.

I hope that you like the new one!


Misaki Hayato (Michi)

I am Misaki (Michi)!
I am 17 years old and I come from Italy.
What I can say of me hmm.. I would like to make the manga-ka, I like the anime, the manga and the games. Have fixed with the XBOX360!!
I like indeed so much the game Oblivion!!
I also have two sites on anime:
JunJou Romantica:
For now I don't have other to say talk to you soon!
Misaki (Kiba Cosplay)
(Thee-eeh this is my photo in Kiba Cosplay version!)

Misaki Hayato
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Misaki Hayato, 17 years.
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It aspired even to the contest of publishing head Shogakukan.
And' a general servant there is not activity that has not experimented.
Its employment is...
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