Today!! (Stupid title :S)

Today I am happy!
This calls post him "Today" because I don't have a lot of imagination to the 04.17 am!

The forum of is all right!!!
Let's be already quite a lot consumers and write!

I didn't hope for there anymore!
Now am hocking me in to end in hurry the site!

Have also decided for opening a Fan Club on Usagisan!

<< Usagisan you are happy? >>
<< ..indeed stupid... >>

Let's not get along today!
(She admits him I talk to Usagisan ù.ù)

I have made two new photos with my hair-style in "Decora Style":

Decora hair-style Decora hari-style

Ok.. ok.. I am not nice at all!
But doesn't care! The hairpins him that they are nice!

Have added under also another friend Katho to the list other artist!
Soon I will also make a topic for her! Eternal-Dream

Now I have to go!
I start me drawing the sites!



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Re: wat

> Your english isn't very good.
> :/
Yes! Sorry! Unfortunately I don't speak well the English!

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